Locksynx Software Licensing
Software Licensing Done Right

A full-featured implementaion of modern software licensing paradigms.

Both local license and database templates are AES-256 secured.
Host your own custom instance of our licensing infrastructure, or let us host and manage it for you. Either way, a variety of fault-tolerant and scalable configurations are available, including dark-site options for your no-internet customers. In addition, the same infrastructure seamlessly supports both desktop and SaaS entitlements.
The most popular licensing models are supported, in conjunction with a license distribution portal.
Secure container modularity, with self-healing capabilities. An intuitive mobile-friendly interface that facilitates shorter learning curves and increased productivity.
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Software Licensing Models
Enable Creative Pricing

A license file supports:

Track how your software is used, along with OS, OS language, and timezone. No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected.
Clients can read and write notes to the encrypted license file, and read server-side notifications.
License and track the individual components of your software.
Implement both one-time use and/or reusable token models, see the docs for examples.
Trial, single, or group license configurations. All client types have built-in functionality to seamlessly rebuild the server's licensing database in disaster recovery scenarios, meaning superior resiliency for your business and customers.
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Supported Client Languages
SWIG Generated Interfaces to Main Library
    • C/C++
    • C#  Mono/MS.NET
    • Go
    • Java
    • Javascript  Node.js/V8/WebKit
    • Python
    • Ruby

On the docket:

    • D
    • Guile
    • Lua
    • MzScheme/Racket
    • OCaml
    • Octave
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • R
    • Scilab
    • Tcl/Tk

Ask about others.

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